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Updated: May 31, 2018

When I was in 11th grade, Harry and Alex threw a party because their parents were out of town. We all got drunk. I got very drunk. I have terrible eyesight: -8.00. Without my contacts I am legally blind. I knew I would stay the night so I brought my contact case and solution. Before passing out for the night, I remember babbling “I can’t sleep with my contacts in.” And Mike White took them right out of my eyes for me and set them on the table next to the couch as I passed out.


-I was pulled off the couch

-Someone was kissing me

-I realized a Keith Urban music video was playing on tv

-I realized the person I was kissing was J.

-I said “get off me.”

-I was tired and I gave up

-I could only see shapes but I realized I was in the back room.

-I saw that I was naked under a small knitted blanket.

-I saw two people fighting in the doorway

-I was lead upstairs

When I woke up the next morning I was in Harry and Alex’s parents’ bedroom, fully clothed. The door was locked.

Nobody else was up. I fumbled around for my keys but I couldn’t see anything. I went downstairs to find my contacts. I found only one and put it in. Harry was sleeping on the couch he had pulled me off of the night before. I looked at him, trying to piece it all together.

Upstairs I still couldn’t find my keys. Harry woke up, he found them in a cupboard for me. “What happened?” “We had to lock you in my mom’s room… you were too drunk.” I was not embarrassed yet, but he seemed to be.

I drove home with one eye closed.

*names have been changed in this story to maintain anonymity.

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